A Dog Is a Cow Is a Pig: In the World of Sentience, There Is No Difference

Ondine Sherman, AlterNet, 06 - 02 - 2018, Op-Ed

We witness our beloved pet pooches and feline friends experiencing moments of joy, pain, fear and even grief. We accept that they feel, they have an emotional world of their own. With this understanding, comes a moral imperative and legal framework to protect them from suffering. Yet our empathy for our pets does not extend […]

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What parents should be doing if their teen decides to go vegan.

Ondine Sherman, Mamamia, 26 - 01 - 2018, Blog and podcast

I was a sensitive kid, my brother always said over-sensitive. And highly anxious about the suffering of animals. I became veggie at seven years old, a time in the early ’80s when soy milk or a veggie burger was unheard of. As a teenager, I felt isolated and weird – being veg was not normal […]

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The rise of veg*ans, veganish and what is a VB6 anyway?

Ondine Sherman, Mamamia, 15 - 11 - 2017, Online magazine

Do you believe in kindness and compassion towards animals? A majority of us do, so the statistics show. And in increasing numbers, people are starting to draw a direct line between how they feel about animals and how often they eat them. And the reason for this might surprise you: YouTube. [Read more…]

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Reader review in Animal Bites magazine by SAFE

SAFE NZ, Animal Bites Magazine, 25 - 10 - 2017, Online magazine

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, feeling it was powerful and thought-provoking.  The fast-paced plot fitted together beautifully, both capturing the fact that there is not always a perfect ending and restoring my faith in humanity. It nicely balanced the two main elements of the story, animal rights and social life… [Read more…]

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Interview in Spine Out Magazine

Good Reading Magazine, Spine Out , 25 - 10 - 2017, Online magazine

SpineOut is an online mag written by and for Young Adults published by Good Reading Magazine.

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