The rise of veg*ans, veganish and what is a VB6 anyway?

Ondine Sherman, Mamamia, 15 - 11 - 2017, Online magazine

Thank you to Mamamia for publishing my article on being vegan, veggie, flexi and everything in between!

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Reader review in Animal Bites magazine by SAFE

SAFE NZ, Animal Bites Magazine, 25 - 10 - 2017, Online magazine

Reviewed by Holly, age 13, New Zealand on Animal Bites (link). “I thoroughly enjoyed this book, feeling it was powerful and thought-provoking.  The fast-paced plot fitted together beautifully, both capturing the fact that there is not always a perfect ending and restoring my faith in humanity. It nicely balanced the two main elements of the story, […]

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Interview in Spine Out Magazine

Good Reading Magazine, Spine Out , 25 - 10 - 2017, Online magazine

SpineOut is an online mag written by and for Young Adults published by Good Reading Magazine.

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Reader review in Sunday Telegraph

School lift out, The Sunday Telegraph, 24 - 09 - 2017, Print

Reviewed by Isabella Wright, 11, North Shore, Sydney. Score: 8/10. I loved this book. It was so interesting to see how much Sky’s life changed when her mum died. Having to move schools and find friends is something many kids go through. I change schools, so could really understand Sky’s character and the other characters. […]

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Books that changed me

Fairfax, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 - 07 - 2017, Print

It was terribly hard to choose only four books that influenced my life when I have read and loved so many! I spent days considering all the books, since childhood, that were my most beloved and dog-eared. And came up with this list. Thank you, Fairfax for asking me such a fun and interesting question. Read the article here […]

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