Veg*an food around the world

14 - 02 - 2018

  There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding our need to reduce our usage of animal products and it’s truly been heart-warming to see so many people advocate for this cause. It seems as though 2018 is the year of the vegan movement! It’s important to recognize the true movers and shakers who play monumental […]

Celebrities advocating for animal protection through fashion

31 - 01 - 2018

Many celebrities have made the jump to veganism in recent years, stating animal welfare and maintaining a healthy lifestyle as their main reasons for the switch. As it becomes trendier to be vegan, the number of celebrities adopting this new diet continues to grow – and that’s a really good thing. A handful of people […]

Book Giveaway: WIN the essential prize pack for v*gan teens!

20 - 01 - 2018

VEGAN 101  RRP $24.99 Eating plant-based meals is more popular than ever before, and it can be challenging for those who are new to vegan dining to know how to get started. Vegan 101 includes 101 totally reliable recipes that highlight the ease of vegan cooking. Recipes in each chapter offer three flavour variations on […]

Veg*an’s guide to eating out

13 - 01 - 2018

Food is a central part of our social existence. Throughout the ages and still today, food has represented more than just fuel for our bodies, it also allows us to spend time with those we love, enjoy ourselves and bond with the people around us. Nowadays, these kinds of gatherings often take place at restaurants […]

New vegan fabrics and why what you wear matters

30 - 12 - 2017

Eliminating the usage of animal products in one’s life might begin with diet, but it certainly doesn’t end there. The fashion industry is guilty of using animal products, and some estimate the numbers are comparable to those in the food industry. Indeed, some of the most coveted and expensive materials come from animals like leather […]